Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day (and a baby update)

Going round the calendar we have a daunting and dizzying round of celebrations. From January 1st through December 31st sees frequent gatherings and gift-exchanges commemorating births, weddings, national and international anniversaries. Yesterday we had a holiday set aside for the honoring of mothers.

One holiday to celebrate a role that is vital to all families. Every person has a mother, and most people have a great fondness for their mother and the impact she has had in their lives. It is an amazing responsibility, and by the grace of God I hope to handle it well.

Our little family had a lovely Mother's Day weekend, which started by finding out that our new baby (due in September) will be a little girl! We are so excited at the prospect of having Ethan joined by a sister. He could care less of course. At nine months old he is more interested in exploring the world around him than in any future events. He is growing tall and healthy, and his cheerful smile now boasts three teeth. His favorite activities are being outside with my in-laws dog Molly, and trying to get into anything that belongs to Mommy or Daddy. A magnet for dirt and mischief, his happy spirit makes little battles more bearable. His favorite food is still banana's, but trying new things is very exciting in his little eyes. I sense he has a curious nature and adventurous spirit. Living the country will suit him; he'll need wide spaces to grow and learn. I pray for an open heart and mind as I strive to train him up in the way of the Lord and fill his heart and mind with the beauty and truth of God Almighty.

As for the baby in the womb: we have given her the name Saoirse Dawn. Saoirse (pronounced seer-sha) is an Irish name and it means freedom, while Dawn is for Roman's mother, Rhonda Dawn. Freedom rises early, and we will strive to show the freedom found in being a daughter of the Christ, another little handmaiden of Lord. She seems to be a happy baby, and when I feel her wiggling around in my tummy I become quite excited to see her personality and character. Well, we are half way there.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, sunshine that was warm without being sweltering, light breezes in the blossoming trees, and a great blue expanse that shows why Montana is called the Big Sky state. Sadly, I have yet to find my camera so I don't have any pictures from the day, so words will have to do. Roman made a lovely breakfast and took care of Ethan so I could do my grooming in a more leisurely fashion than normally allowed. We went to pick up flowers for our respective mothers and were able to visit with each of them for a little bit. After Ethan's afternoon nap we went up to Hungry Horse Dam for an evening picnic. It was so pleasant sitting by a small creek, overlooking the reservoir, listening to the birds, and playing with rocks. All in all, the day was relaxing, which is one of the nicest gifts a busy mother can receive.

So another holiday passes and we move on to other events. But these special days will stand out in memory as we go around our calendars, preventing us from ever living a life that is mundane and boring. Thank the Lord for holidays and mothers that deserve honoring!