Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Caitlin!

Today Caitlin turns 22! Just like last year, I will list 22 things I love about her.

I love you so much Caitlin!
I hope your birthday is wonderful as you celebrate with your husband and family. Enjoy your day!
(I had to post a picture)

She is: 
1 Humble
2 Loving 
3 God honoring 
4 quiet 
5 smart
6 pretty 
7 Lady like 
8 Friendly 
9 appreciative 
10 A good older sister 
11 patient 
12 Christ like
13 hard working 
14 unselfish 
15 smart 
16 intellectual 
17 a good cook 
18 Married!
19 sensible 
20 fashionable
21 well mannered
22 Going to have a baby! (Yes...I love that about her!)

In Christ,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Jolly Little Fellow
Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day. That does not really mean much to me. I know it's Irish...I know Saint Patrick was catholic...I know there's a lot of green involved, as well as four leaf clovers and the like...but that's about it. Really. And today being our day to do errands in town, there was a large amount of green to be beholden. You know, that sickly bright green? Hats, shirts, scarves, jeans, name it, there was sure to be somebody out there who had it on. There was even a guy with green tinted sunglasses shaped like four leaf clovers! And it bugged me. Just because it was so pointless and ridiculous.

And then I saw a leprechaun in Walmart.

At least, this jolly little fellow looked liked a leprechaun. I don't know much about those mythical little men who preside at the end of rainbows with their pots of gold...or looking back at this sentence, maybe I do. At any rate, I most positively do not believe in them. But the idea is rather fun.
Anyway, I was happily sighing over plants, seeds, dirt and the like in the garden section (Spring fever. I've got it terribly), and then started off to look for my family. At a brisk pace, I entered the store, only to slow  my steps at the sight of the short man plodding down the aisle towards me.The first thing I noticed was his height. He could not have been more than 4 foot 10, no joke. His thick white beard and twinkling eyes shone out from beneath a dark green hat, feathers sticking  jauntily out the back. I smiled at him as he made eye contact with me and I remembered this post. And then I noticed the coat. It made me all smiles outside and inside. It was worthy. A dark green velvet waistcoat with brown buttons fit snugly over his slightly bent back, the coattails hanging just inches off the floor. Nothing bright. Or sparkly. Nor was it cheap looking, loud, or ugly. Just a charming coat to match perfectly with the neat white beard and the wrinkled old hands. He gave me a knowing little smile was a moment that would have made this ladies heart do a happy dance. And I just wanted to share that piece of happy with Y'all.
I wonder if when he was younger he had red hair...

In Christ,

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blairs Bug

(Not my photo)

For those of you who don't know, my Dads first name is Blair. And last Saturday, my plan ahead, consider carefully Father woke up with a little red truck in his garage, and went to bed with a shiny Volkswagen beetle in its place, along with a family who were still gawking at this seemingly whim-of-the-moment decision.  He had been thinking about trading his truck in for something that did not take up as much gas and insurance money, but he was just thinking about it... someday. Well, last Saturday being that "someday", he went to town to do errands with his family, took a couple cars for a test ride, and bought the beetle. Just like that.
Now everyone wants to ride in the beetle every chance they get. Its weird how much people smile and wave at you when your riding in stylish little beetle instead of a family van...I have to say its really fun! But its his work car, so we won't be riding it much. But it'll make it a more of a treat when we do.
My dads coworkers quickly named it "Blairs Bug".
How much more fun can you get than a Volkswagen Beetle?

In Christ,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Glimpse of Baby

About four and half months along, and the wee bairn is making it's presence known, by flutters, bouncing, and hiding in a bottom corner. Clothes are starting to take a new shape in front, and I am looking forward to the progress towards a baby in my arms. Little Saoirse or Ethan will be most welcome. This weekend Roman and I will be moving into our two bedroom apartment and I am going to begin setting up the baby's room. Everything should be ready by the end of July. Hopefully, it will be a due date baby!