Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Days

Two years ago RomanPaul Mallery asked me to marry him, and eleven months ago we were blessed by an adorable baby boy, Ethan Patrick. It has been a wonderful time living with these two men. But it is quite a contrast to my life before the my engagement and marriage.
The home I grew up in had a very gentlemanly father, a ladylike mother, and four girls of varying personalities, but still girls. It is very different from boys, and while I always knew this to be the case, I now know it from life experience. My mother-in-law did well in raising her son to be courteous and helpful around the house, yet he is still male. Boys will be boys, never like girls in anyway, and I have learned a lot of wonderful things from living with my boys. So to reflect on those lessons:

1. Mud has magnetic properties, and is generally a sign of hard work or hard play.

2. Kisses are fun, to be given with more enthusiasm than finesse. (at first.)

3. How a car looks is almost as important as how it runs. ( And the louder it is the better!)

4. Fire holds steady attention when all else fails.

5. Boys must have something to do, or the energy will come out in destruction.

6. Back scratches and cuddling are acceptable forms of comfort.

7. Whipped cream is the best dessert because it not only tastes good, it's cool to play with.

8. When they think you aren't watching they do goofy things(dances, faces, etc.).

9. The bathroom is a great place for lessons and conversation.

10. I am the most adored lady in the world, the anchor of their busy lives, comforter of their sorrows, and forgiven for every mistake without a second thought. I love these guys who love me so much.

In just three months we are anticipating the arrival of our daughter and sister. I am very excited to be joined by girl to share these wonderful men with, and as she grows I know I will learn so much more about the differences between boys and girls. I have no doubt that life will be exciting, because it already is. The Lord made my Roman and my Ethan people who love life, and find excitement in everything. I have been amazed by this zest for everything. Such a passion is a great gift, and should never be extinguished. I hope and pray that I may be an encourager my husband and children, in all their delights and hopes. God has truly done a marvelous thing in making boys and girls different!