Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who We Pray To

I read this poem the other day that had a helpful reminder to me.

Not in my fancy now I search to find thee;
Not in its loftiest forms would shape and bind thee;
I cry to one whom I can never know,
Filling me with an infinite overflow;
Not to a shape that dwells within my heart,
Clothed in perfections love and truth assign thee,
But to the God thou knowest that thou art.
~George MacDonald

When we pray there is a tendency to create an a idea of the "who" we pray to. We tend to visualize something that our finite minds can grasp: grandfather in the sky, light, empty space, clouds, etc. I am reminded of what Screwtape tells Wormwood in C. S. Lewis's book "The Screwtape Letters."

"If you examine the object to which he[the Christian] is praying you will find it is a composite object containing many quite ridiculous ingredients. I[Screwtape] have known cases where what the [man] called his 'God' was actually located - to the corner of the bedroom ceiling or inside his head. But whatever the nature of the object, keep him[the Christian] praying to it - the thing he has made not the Person who has made him."

Another quote: "May it be the real I who speaks. May it be the real Thou who I speak to."

Our finite minds long for something concrete to pray to. But reality is more than fallen man can handle. Another poem I like says,

Eternal light! Eternal light!
How pure the soul must be
When, placed within Thy searching sight,
It shrinks not, but with calm delight
Can live and look on Thee!

Oh how shall I whose native sphere
Is dark,whose mind is dim,
Before the Ineffable appear,
And on my naked spirit bear
That uncreated beam?
~Thomas Binney excerpt from "Eternal Light"

What do we want to know of God? Asking will be difficult and change all preconceived notions. But I would rather pray to the true God than to an image or notion I invent. Because when I pray to who He really is, then I am more effective in promoting His kingdom on earth.

Praying for you all,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm Being Me

Excuse my grammar. This is just so that you might know me a little better. :) These are not in order:
I like...
My Bible,

Vaquero Series
<span class=
Alas, if this dress were but a foot longer, I would buy it,
(well, it's not cheap, and just to be clear I do NOT like those shoes)
Plus Size Casual Dresses Ruffle-Hem Shirtdress at


A good cup of tea,

Lightning and Sunsets, this is such an amazing
picture, I hope it was not photo shopped
(click on it to make it bigger)

Ice skating,

And last but not least,
feeling peaceful.
(If you do not like that I put a dove to represent
peace, Sorry. I just like the picture)
I could probably think of a lot more things,
but for now, this will do. Have a blessed Sunday!
In Christ,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not Dead, Just Uninspired

As the title suggests, I am not dead, I am just uninspired.

Remember the review about Little Dorrit that I posted?
Well, it just recently dawned on me that you might be more intrigued if you
saw the preview for it, Which can be seen HERE. I really hope you try to get a hold of the movie, it is really worth it.
Also, I recently found out that they made a second Cranford, for more info about it click HERE for a wonderful post and a link to the first episode of it, which will lead to the second, third and so on, if you are one that enjoys period movies. ;D That is all for now,
In Christ,


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For Today

Right now the snow is falling thick and fast. I have shoveled once today, but may need to do more. All good things come with a certain amount of work. The new year has come and everyone demonstrates renewed fervor for schoolwork, housework, exercise, or whatever other goals they may have set. Our ice rink has yet to reach completion, due to complications in warming trends (Yikes! Global warming). So life continues and we all grow up.
As I have been thinking about the various young ladies of my acquaintance all growing up around me (I have maintained some superiority in height ;-) and how to encourage them I came across a poem I wrote a couple years ago. I hope it brings some encouragement to you all as you grow into godly womanhood. (This really applies to all of you who like to cook and sew.)

Which Apron?

This is a day and age when woman must be strong
To fight the spiritual battle the world does send along.
To a worldly woman the apron symbolizes
Slavery to home, drudgery, unwilling sacrifices.
This woman longs to glory in wealth and fame and power,
And feels her family is a hindrance to her hour.
To a godly woman the apron symbolizes
The freedom she has gained through loving sacrifices.
This woman here does glory in forming heavenly treasure,
Raising children for the Lord is her delight and pleasure.
So many battles fought, on so many different fronts
There is no task too hard, her courage will not daunt.
How will you wear your apron? Will it be with shame?
Or will it be with pride, as woman once again?

~Caitlin Carstensen~