Friday, May 28, 2010

Quantum Physics? Sure. Wormhole Science? No problem. The Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle? Oh, that little theory? Forget it.

Yeah, well, I couldn't help myself. After watching a couple episodes of a sci-fi show, Stargate SG-1, curiosity finally overcame me (we're halfway through the second season) and I looked up some of the proposed theories.
And whoa, somebody studied up on their astro- physics before they wrote this show.
The theory has been studied, tested, people want to try it. A quick google search proves this.
By the time I got through three paragraphs (which was no easy task), I was flabbergasted.
I had to look up words like crazy, and it led me to quantum physics and the Heisenberg uncertainty theory:

 - \frac {\hbar ^2}{2m} \frac {d ^2 \psi}{dx^2} = E \psi.  \hat{p}_x = -i\hbar\frac{d}{dx}
 \psi(x) = C \sin kx + D \cos kx.\!

Which is when I gave up, head sore after five minutes of this fascinating stuff.

Isn't God's work amazing?

In Christ,

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Recently, I've been looking for what style I like as far as home decor, clothing, personality. Not just a general something or the other I sort of like. Something that's really "me". Thanks to Laurel, I think I about summed it up into three words:

Storybook. Woodsy. Leafy.

Maybe I could even throw fairy in there somewhere. So, here are some things that say "me"
all over them .,decoration,floor,interior,swirl,home,design-112b12c3e7f26084394b1c4828430397_h.jpg

This is my kind of top… perfect for spring. :) via bramblewoodfashion:  So sweet. Rosette Applique Top with Emma Bust Line -
I'm going to dress my kids close to this company's style. TEA

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fashion Ideas

I do not shop for shopping's sake. I try to avoid it, and my sisters say I am not fun. Yesterday we went to town to take care of grocery shopping and Mother's Day shopping. While I enjoy going for a specific purpose, browsing is something that I do very quickly so I can get out. But when I get to go look for gifts or needs I have fun. So yesterday was more enjoyable than usual. I had all three of my sisters and we hit Target, TJMaxx, and Ross. Heads up ladies, there are some great long, spring, skirts this season. The prices are also reasonable. I am so glad to see these long feminine skirts, and some lovely blouse, flowery and simple. Nothing over bearing. My fashion inspiration these days comes from Saltwater, a British based company. Now I am determined to create this look for a much lower price. What fun to have a cute look without spending fortune!

I love a gray-blue palette. It suits a blue-eyed family.

Simple and sweet!

Relaxing skirt and cardigan. A cardigan is one of my favorite pieces in any outfit.

So there is my approach to feminine fashion. May it all be to the glory of God!
Show your style, be modest, and be considerate. God has created beauty and we can enjoy it. Praise the Lord for your unique beauty.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Am Not Afraid

I am not afraid To tell you I prefer to be alone rather than with people
I am not afraid To admit that I love tea...sweetened
I am not afraid Of big grassy fields to run in
I am not afraid To embrace femininity to its fullest.
I am not afraid To walk bare foot.( I know, I stole this one from
Eldarwen, but I liked to much to pass it up.)

I am not afraid Of having the wind in my hair. I don't care if it gets
I am not afraid To tell you I love fairy folk, however unreal
they may be

I am not afraid To tell you I am afraid of the wild ocean. I would hate
to swim there.Creeps me out. A lot.
I am not afraid Of reading my Bible (I stole this one too. Sorry Eldarwen!)
I am not afraid To run in the rain
I am not afraid To tell you am actually not as much of a bookworm
anda bit of a slower reader than my sisters...I still LOVE books though!
I am not afraid Of sand in between my toes
I am not afraid To tell you I'm very self conscious

I am not afraid
To say I love Forget-me-nots

I am not afraid To say I'd love to dance wildly in the woods
Now I challenge all my followers to find fifteen things they are not afraid to admit
In Christ

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Banquet Pictures, Bowling...

The other night, we went to the home schooling high school banquet...which was 100% formal. Oh, we had oodles of fun! I do not have pictures of the actual banquet part because we did not bring the camera. Our friends did, though. Can't wait to see pics of that!
Before hand, a couple girls came over early to our house and we did hair and makeup together. It was very fun, just like everything else.
The lovely Megan:

Beautiful Laurel:

Pretty Hannah:

Sparkly Rachel:

And me:

Our shoes:

With Our Wonderful father:

By the way, I found the dress I'm wearing at the thrift store, for $3. 50! My gifted mother made the jacket to go over it. I had to share that bit of happiness with you. ;)
Megan's little brother found this wonderful creature. Can't remember what it's called
Of course I had to get a picture with it, formal gown and all.
I rather liked the idea:

And then after the dinner, which was fab-u-lous, we went bowling, which I have not done since I was five. So, as you probably guessed, I *cough*lost both games*cough.
There, I said it. I had SO MUCH FUN though!
You can't tell that's me, but it is, and its proof I actually bowled with 40 other dressed up, laughing, cheering, screaming teenagers(I did not take part in the cheering and other loudness). It was all lit up and glowy:

Laurel did not get to go bowling, as she is having wrist problems again. She said she enjoyed herself, though.
Megan, I'm pretty sure this is you, but it might not be:

Roman gave me permission to post this picture of him bowling backwards, which was one of the rules for a game of Funky bowling we played. He said to tell you that he was giving a demo on what to do in a plane crash. Whatever. I tried bowling backwards in a skirt. It was um.... pitiful, to use the right word.

For another of the funky bowling rules, you had to hold a team mates hand while bowling. Caitlin and Roman were given permission. Roman got a strike while he was holding Caitlin's hand. He told me it was all because of her. ;)

In Christ,