Friday, August 21, 2009

A Few Thoughts And A Fun Little Quiz

I was reading a post on a blog that I found. Here is something that she put on her blog that helped me in something I have been thinking a lot about lately:

"Maturity starts with the willingness to give oneself.

Childishness is characterized by self-centeredness.

It is only the emotionally and spiritually mature who are

able to lay down their wants for others, those who are, "masters

themselves that they might be the servants of others."

I just thought this was a really good quote that we all should remember,
(especially me). We all tell ourselves that we have overcome that, have grown
past the want of attention and self-centeredness, but most of us have only overcome the childish selfishness of sharing possessions and little things like that, but think about the big things, like trying to gain more attention from your friends, and hurting others feelings so that you can get a situation in your advantage, if you understand what I am saying here. Just a little something to occupy your thoughts here.

Here is a little trivia just so you won't get bored with this blog. Write your answers in comment form and later I will post the answers.

True or false? The Orca is in the whale family.

Are agates always transparent?

True or false? The Octopus is going extinct.

A sea anemone is...

A.Soft and squishy.

B. Hard and appears prickly.

True or false? Skates are just another name for a stingray.

Are starfish soft and pliable or hard and brittle?

Please tell me if this is too hard. Before I leave, I have a couple of questions to
ask all of you. Should I post stories I wrote/write on here?
I've been thinking about when I have a spare afternoon I should throw together some stuff and and make an at home 'I Spy' scene, take a picture and put it on here for you to find things, mabye a series of 'I Spy' photos. Would anyone want to see that at all?
Lord Bless, one of his Handmaidens,


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