Saturday, July 17, 2010

Imagination is The Necessity of Motherhood?

Dost thou agree? I said that by accident.



  1. Hmm...define "imagination." If by this, one means flexibility, creativity and joy then by all means YES!

    But if instead it means living in an enchanted land where your children are little innocent elves that toddle around your house strewing flowers and pixie dust wherever they go; and you're the fairy godmother who breathes magic into every moment of their lives...well, I'm sorry, but that is not reality. If one thinks that that is what motherhood's about, I'm afraid they're in for major disappointment.

    God-glorifying motherhood is rigorous, hard work that requires a woman to bravely face REALITY and embrace it with arms of faith. She is one who accepts the unromantic tasks of changing diapers, cleaning up toys and slapping the PB on the J with joy, because she knows what all of these seemingly mundane tasks add up to. She is not raising petal-strewing cherubs, but rather sword-wielding soldiers.

    I think a better quote would be, "Faith is the necessity of motherhood." When we see through the eyes of faith, we see our reality for what it is: an amazing story, a beautiful tapestry that our Creator has written and woven from the beginning, which we have been mercifully chosen to be a part of. That my friend is not's the wonderful TRUTH!

  2. Yes, you have to have an imagination and LOTS of patience. :) I'm not a mother, but 4 of my siblings are between the ages of 1 yr. and 6 yrs. and they are giving me plenty of practice for when I get married (if I do) and have my own little kiddos (if the Lord wills it). :)


  3. Jessica,
    I certainly feel I have taught my daughters to live in reality and have always based their teaching in TRUTH. Jillian's quote actually came from her misquoting something else and was quite funny. But it is true, as will you find, that mother's do need an imagination (as you wrote, for creativity)as my children have all led me down a different path of parenting and God has taught me not to put Him or parenting in a box.I hope you don't think my girls live in an enchanted land or believe that having children is not hard work, I would say it is quite the opposite! Rebecca

  4. Rebecca,

    I know that your family is one who loves the truth, and that you are a mother who faithfully teaches it to your daughters. By no means do I question this!

    My comment was not directed at Jillian specifically, but was rather a response to the actual quote. When I read the post, I thought Jillian was opening up a discussion, so I just jumped in. Please forgive my ignorance...I'm not familiar with the original quote, so perhaps I took the entire post too seriously.

    I agree that motherhood requires imagination in the way that I defined it at the beginning of my first comment. Creativity and understanding are essential to being a mom, especially when you have several children who are all incredibly different.

    But the word "imagination" means different things to different people, and that's why I thought it would be important to clarify its definition, especially since I thought we (blog readers) were being asked what we thought about the quote.

    I hope this clarifies my motivation/intent in my original comment. I certainly did not mean to cause offense, and if I have, I ask for your forgiveness.

  5. The actual quote is "Necessity is the mother of Invention". Being me, I fumbled it and said it all wrong. And it ended up sounding funny.

    Your first definition is what I meant.
    I'm glad to see that you are defending the roll of the strong mother who does not raise her children in a enchanted fairyland for fun . A wonderful thing for me too look up too as I prepare to raise kids someday!


  6. Okay, now I get it. And of course I know that quote, I just didn't think of it when I read the post. :)


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