Sunday, August 21, 2011

Four Generations

My mothers mother Vikki, my mother Rebecca, myself, and my son Ethan. When I was a year old we had a four generation picture taken with Vikki's mother Norma. She passed away just a couple years ago, so I had the blessing of knowing her more than a little, I also knew several of my other great-grandparents. I am so delighted that Ethan should know not only is grandparents, but most of his great-grandparents! Ahh, how good God has been.

Grandpa Blair (the first boy in his family for a long time).
Great-Grandpa Ron, a retired firefighter
All the adoring aunts with the happy parents. And of course the darling boy!


  1. Nice, Caitlin...But I can't see any pictures. Just writing.

  2. Hi Catlin,
    Is there a photo coming along with the commentary? I did see one on your grandma Vicki page and it was fabulous! We so enjoy the photo's. You look GREAT! I can tell you are well loved by your hubby.
    A kiss to Ethan for us.

  3. There are supposed to be pictures. I will try again.Caitlin

  4. You said that you fixed it...but I still can't see anything. Didn't you say that your computer was having trouble loading pictures?


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