Thursday, March 8, 2012

There's No Time, No Time...

Excuse my absence from the blog world of late. I'm a busy girl! I've been working, and doing school, and playing violin, as you can see...

And making funny faces for the camera...

And admiring God's marvelous nature...                                                                                

And attempting to look graceful...(cough)

And being happy for the camera... and learning so much! looking back at the previous year or so, I think I have learned many, many lessons, through life, babysitting, and the books my parents have put in my hands. I am enjoying learning so much...God is teaching me new things every day, with the latest lesson being "Man is not aware how bad he is until he starts trying to be very good."  C.S Lewis. How True!



  1. A very nice article, Jillian. I love the pictures! -Mrs. Underhill

  2. Cute pictures! Thanks for sharing.


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