Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 1: California

Well, we made it a little ways today. Right now, as I am writing this, we are in Wells, Nevada. Nevada is a beautiful place, despite the fact there are barely any trees. It was a long drive, I admit, but it was worth it. During this long drive, I took pictures, listened to music, did slugbug to my sister and said cheez-it a lot.
                                                             The first picture I took....

                                                             The red sun rises!

   We went to a place called Craters Of The Moon, which is a place there is whole bunch of solidified lava rocks, such as in these pictured below.

                                              Mount Doom! (With trees on it...)

                                                     That's me! I took this picture...

                                                     A cool looking, twisty, dead tree

                                                      A majestic looking plastic owl....

                                                        A beautiful Nevada sunset....

                                       So I leave you till tomorrow, with this lovely picture.

     Tomorrow we hope to be having dinner with our grandparents, and not have such a long drive.

  In Christ,

Hayley Carstensen

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