Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Great Trip

Well, we are safely returned from our trip to the homeschool conference in Seattle, WA. It was encouraging, rich, and wonderful to see the area. The weather was sunny and spring-like, the hotel was comfortable and provided a great breakfast, the speakers were dynamic and great, and there were all kinds of wonderful books at the vendor tables.
My father flew out of the Sea-Tac Airport on Friday evening and was able to spend Sat. and Sun. with his parents and siblings celebrating his father's 80th birthday. He enjoyed that very much and the family was glad to see him. We picked Abba up at about 2:00 on Sunday afternoon. My mother was very glad to relinquish freeway driving back to him. We met up with an old friend Dave Pedersen, and his daughter Kelsie and spent the afternoon eating Krispy Kreme Donuts and touring the enormous mall. I have a picture of the shop we thought was the coolest in there.
We visited the famous Space Needle in the evening, then hung out with the Pedersens, with the addition of Dave's sons Colin and Jordan. It was nice to have some friends to visit with and show us some of the area. Living in a tourist area like we do I know it can get a little old to take visitors to places we have been a hundred times. So thanks for the great time Pedersens!
Now I hope you enjoy some of the pictures taken over the past five days!
The Space Needle! (Hey Hannah, think wind harp sound affects.)
Some of the terrain of eastern WA. It is green right now.

Car Pics!

I could not get enough of all the flowering bushes and trees. The air was loaded with sweet fragrance.

We took the monorail from the Space Needle to the downtown Seattle shopping center. Street musicians, fountains, and very expensive stores were all we found.

It does not matter where we go, we always end up adopting a girl who thinks having an all girl family is the greatest thing in the world. Kelsie just loved being with us.

For all our sword-loving friends this was the best store the mall had. Swords and knives galour. Way better than clothes, movies, and shoes combined.

Here is closer picture of Laurel and Jillian in the homeschool chorale. It was an excellent performance.


  1. Wow did you all go to the top of the space needle?

  2. Neat! I liked seeing all the pictures of your trip! It looks you had a LOT of fun there!


  3. His Handmaiden'sApril 29, 2009 at 12:27 PM

    Your right Nim! It was fun!


  4. I'm glad! SYT!
    (See You Tonight!)


  5. His Handmaiden'sApril 30, 2009 at 12:03 PM

    No we did not go to the top Ridge.

  6. I really like the picture of the sword shop. I wish I could've been there!

  7. you didn't go tot the top? then what was the point in even looking at it????

  8. We went into downtown Seattle, not just to the Space Needle, and we didn't have $100 extra bucks for our family to go up.

  9. Oh!..... in that case;........ I'd climb the outside of it. but that would be hard to do in a dress so I'd have to change in to some pants! :-D

  10. Ridge????????????? (are you OK?)


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