Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Handmaiden's Example

There are four handmaids in this household who gained all their knowledge on how to be such by the teaching and example of one handmaiden of the Lord, our mother.

Being a handmaiden is not natural, as the tendency is to wish to be a princess at leisure. In this culture that devalues the wife, mother, homemaker, and helpmeet, young women do not have examples of godly serving in their own homes, much less in the world around them. In a me-I-myself world the selfless mother is brighter than sunshine after days of overcast and dreary weather. I regard the tasks of serving with my hands, as a maiden of purity in the house of the Lord and my parents, more valuable because of the example of my mother.

My mother, Rebecca, has taught me most through her patience in serving her husband. It is not a perfect marriage, because they are not perfect people. But it is humble, especially on my mother's part. She has a lot to deal with between a perfectionist husband, an unfinished house, unruly property, and four distinctly different girls of all kinds of emotional make-ups to train into poised, godly women. She handles it all with grace and humility. She makes the house beautiful with her skills of interior design and an eye for bargains. She does what she can on the property with what she has. Our garden is filled with beautiful plants because of her hard work, and what has been done around the property is a resulf of her determination. Her husband has a strong trust for her ability to manange his home well and has never shown a doubt that she can handle any situation. Her daughters have learned and are learning from her words, but more so from her actions. She has taught us to make wise decisions and we love to know we have gained her approval and given her joy. Any child loves to bring their mother pleasure, and the older I get the more I enjoy doing what gives her joy.

Therefore, on this Mother's Day 2009, I wish to thank her for teaching me how to be a handmaid! I love you Mother, Caitlin


  1. Wow! That's awesome! It's very encouraging to see young ladies have strong godly convection such as you all do.

  2. Caitlin, that's such a beautiful tribute to your mom. Yesterday, I enjoyed spending time with my mom and being reminded of just how blessed I am to have grown up in a Christian home where biblical womanhood was taught and exemplified. In the midst of my busy schedule - taking care of two, soon-to-be three little ones - I gain encouragement from the remembrance of all that my mother did and continues to do for her family. Praise the Lord for women such as her and your mom! May we be diligent in our quest to be like them and glorify the Lord as his handmaidens.

    Thank you for the edifying posts your publish here. :)

  3. Dear Caitlin,
    What an honor to your mom. Truth is beautful!We need more bloggers like YOU!
    BTW - I love your blogspot layout - very fun!

    Bless you,
    PAIGE R.

  4. Yes Caitlin You should start a blog!


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