Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Spirit

The season before us is... the holidays. The time of hectic shopping, frantic baking, and desperate wrapping of gifts and checking lists. But only if your focus is on the here and now. In Scripture the holy days were times of feasts and remembering the blessings of God in peoples lives. Christians ought to keep the same perspective before them for their holidays. So here are some of the things I am trying to cultivate for a true holiday spirit.

The first big holiday before us is Thanksgiving. This celebrates a harvest stored to see us through winter, the fact that God has protected us from famine and disease in the work of the summer months and that He has prepared the days ahead for us.
So the first seeds I must cultivate in my garden of holiday spirit is thankfulness.
This means to be grateful for all I have been given, a humble attitude that recognizes I can do nothing for myself. The next holy day ahead is the celebration of Christmas. Christ Jesus, God becomes human flesh that we may understand that He knows all parts of human nature. This God we touch, feel, and know sympathizes yet does His work entirely for us.

The true holiday spirit is one of joy. A cheerful demeanor, a pleasant smile, a ready and kind word, all given with overflowing generosity. Such joy, so ready to make others joyful and share in others happiness. The great gift which I have been given reminds me to share its' bounteous treasure with all others.

Following hard on the heels of one joy is another festive day, New Years. Leaving behind the days that mark one circle around the sun, we begin the cycle again. Many contemplate the past year and make plans and goals for the one ahead.

As I look over the past year I can see God's faithfulness to me, and this gives me a spirit of praise. I desire to give credit where credit is due, honor to whom honor is due, and readily give praise to God the Spirit for His intervention on my behalf. Who knows what would happen to any of us were it not for the new mercies of every morning.

So my holiday spirit is in place, and by the grace of God I shall apply it everyday, content with His lovingkindness to sustain me.

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  1. Great post, Caitlin! I really, really enjoyed reading it! :)




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