Saturday, November 21, 2009

Movies: Again

For Discussions Abound we will be talking about movies just as in this post that I did a few weeks ago. This time I will be focusing on just one movie, you guessed, it's one from a Charles Dickens Novel! :)
This one is called Little Dorrit,it is a lot like Bleak House with a mystery and all that. Well, it is a mystery, one that kept us all confused till the end.

Little Dorrit was born in a debtors prison, and the story starts when she is 21. She is allowed out of prison in the day time, and goes out to look for work to pay for daily survival for her and her father, who is not allowed out of prison. A mysterious lady finds out about her and hires her part time to sew.

But this lady has a secret to do with Little Dorrit.
And sweet "little" Amy Dorrit did not know a thing.

The mystery lady's son, Andrew, fresh back from several years in China, feels
compelled to help the Dorrits. But he has no idea about the secret either.
(I couldn't find any good pictures of him, this one
does not do him justice at all.)His father died in China, and left him
an odd clue that there is even a secret in the first place, a gold watch with
a compartment in the back that
holds a little piece of fabric that says: Do not forget.
Of course, there is a villain, and he is nasty.
Believe me when I say he is the worst villain I have ever seen. And
that is pretty bad. At least I can say he did a good job at acting his part ( this is
the guy who plays Gollum from the Lord of the Rings. Weird, isn't it?)
In the end it plays out an amazing unfolding of secrets with multiple
characters that I have not introduced. Aside from Little Dorrit and Andrew,
my favorite character is good old (rather young) faithful John.
He is so nice! I could only find this tiny picture of him though:
It makes his ears stick out.
A fantastic 7 1/2 hour mini series, we all loved this one, but it is kind of dark
and sometimes gory, the youngest had to close her eyes a couple
of times. It is rather graphic, so I would not recommend for 12 and under.
Well, that is all, so I hope you enjoy this and see the movie soon!
In Christ,


  1. Wow, sounds interesting. I'll check it out!

    Love & hugs,

  2. Oops, it is Aurther, not Andrew. My sisters corrected me!


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