Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm Being Me

Excuse my grammar. This is just so that you might know me a little better. :) These are not in order:
I like...
My Bible,

Vaquero Series
<span class=
Alas, if this dress were but a foot longer, I would buy it,
(well, it's not cheap, and just to be clear I do NOT like those shoes)
Plus Size Casual Dresses Ruffle-Hem Shirtdress at


A good cup of tea,

Lightning and Sunsets, this is such an amazing
picture, I hope it was not photo shopped
(click on it to make it bigger)

Ice skating,

And last but not least,
feeling peaceful.
(If you do not like that I put a dove to represent
peace, Sorry. I just like the picture)
I could probably think of a lot more things,
but for now, this will do. Have a blessed Sunday!
In Christ,


  1. :P The knives picture was a little startling, but nice! :) I like swords, personally.

  2. Fun post! I did one of these, but I didn't put all my fav things in it, because I couldn't think of them all. Now I can think of some more and I'd like to do the post again. :) Thanks for posting that! It was fun to read!

  3. Hi! I see that your from MT! Can you possibly tell me when and where the MT homeschool confrence/meeting will be? Thanks!

  4. I agree with you on the knives and books. :) Cool post!


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