Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not Dead, Just Uninspired

As the title suggests, I am not dead, I am just uninspired.

Remember the review about Little Dorrit that I posted?
Well, it just recently dawned on me that you might be more intrigued if you
saw the preview for it, Which can be seen HERE. I really hope you try to get a hold of the movie, it is really worth it.
Also, I recently found out that they made a second Cranford, for more info about it click HERE for a wonderful post and a link to the first episode of it, which will lead to the second, third and so on, if you are one that enjoys period movies. ;D That is all for now,
In Christ,


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  1. Hey Jillian! :) I e-mailed you those pics. (((hugs)))


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