Monday, April 19, 2010

You Know your a Bookworm When...

...A picture like this makes your heart go just a little faster...

You read while eating, if Mom allows it.

You have done the good ol' "Read under the covers with a flashlight" routine before.

You can get lost in a good story.

Brand new paper smells really good to you.

You have read for a whole afternoon.

Your version of "sleeping in" is waking up, grabbing a book, and reading it in bed.

Libraries are one of your favorite places to go.

You like being sick because it gives you an extra chance to read.

When you get back from the library, you disappear, the house is quiet until Mom calls you to dinner, and you come out of you room having read several chapters.

You think hardbacks are better than paperbacks.

The librarian lady kindly asks you if you want a couple bags for all those books.

If you are 0-3 of the above, your not really a bookworm
If you are 4-6 of the above, you really like books.
If you are 6-12 of the above, you are a bookworm.

What were you results?
In Christ,


  1. Okay, those applied to all of me... except the hardback/paperback question. Yes, I love to "sleep in"! That was great, thanks!


  2. Love it! Great post! I scored 9.

  3. Oh dear, I'm a serious bookworm!

  4. Wow, that is so me - ALL THE WAY. Thanks for doing this post - it was so much fun! (Oh, by the way, another bookworm-ish thing I have done is read while on a walk around the neighborhood...)


  5. I scored as a bookworm, not surprisingly. :)
    Hooray for books!! I could never live without them! :)


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