Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Weekend of Great Joy

Sunday was the twelfth birthday of Hayley Joy Carstensen. And it was a blast of fun like only she could arrange. In addition to parents, sisters, (and Roman) there were eight guests with whom games were played, pizza eaten, and ice cream devoured.
Listening to the dinner table conversation was very amusing. At this birthday party they discussed how the apostles were crucified and which Bible characters they wished to be. Christian, homeschool kids are different, and it was great.

A water fight was the order of the evening: balloons, guns, buckets, and hoses. Everyone was yelling, running, thoroughly soaked by the time the parents came for the boys. If moisture and smiles could indicate fun level, I'd say everyone was top of the chart.

Gifts were, of course very popular, the girls sedated watching, making sweet comments...
...the boys clowning around, in general being boys. We sent them home, but the girls stayed the night. They talked and giggled till long after I was asleep. The next morning we did everyone's hair, made cinnamon rolls, cleaned up the house, and took them all to church. It was an eventful weekend, and I think Hayley had a great celebration.

She is a wonderful sister, whose enthusiasm for life knows no bounds. She is growing in the knowledge of the Lord, she will be a beautiful woman one day, and am proud to be her sister.


  1. What a lovely birthday! Sound like it was tons of fun!

  2. Happy late birthday, Hayley!! :D Sounds like a lovely birthday party!

  3. Luke said he had a lot of fun, and by big grins I beleived him. Glad Hayley had a great birthday party. Wow, only one more year and little Hayley is going to be a not so little teenager.


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