Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Puddledum with Roman

Update: this is a little something I wrote back when Roman and Caitlin were courting. I don't know why I never published it.

It was a lovely Saturday evening. Roman to dinner, sunny weather, a nice day...a walk was in order. So we all headed down to Swan River Nature Trail to work off our dinner of barbecued chicken, corn on the cob, stuffed mushrooms, and sourdough bread.
It was beautiful. Roman picked flowers for Caitlin, and we went down to the river, which is going fast right now:

We found a big rock in the sunlight. Happiness.

And then the pranks started.

The first one was pretty. Mother picked some little white flowers and told me to put them over Caitlin and Roman. I sprinkled them over. They looked lovely in her hair...not so much in his. So he picked them out and set them gently on Caitlin (don't worry, he did not touch her), and gave her a Romeo (I did not a misspell that!) look. All happy and tingly. I think everything else fell away.

With all the rain lately, there's been a lot of puddles. Roman started walking real close to Caitlin as we passed a puddle, forcing her towards it. She avoided it, but his evil grin said that there was more mischief in store.

Big puddle and courting couples spell danger. Roman jumped full in like a little boy, intending to splash Caitlin....and got me soaked. Oh, Caitlin got a little wet, but that's it. Caitlin jumped in a later puddle to get back at Roman, and got me wet again.

Once more, as the walk was almost over, the last puddle in sight, of course I jumped full in...and got my self soaked once more.

Moral: Stay a good 10-20 feet away from courting couples taking a walk. You never know what could happen.

In Christ,



  1. Ha,ha! Chaperones do sometimes get more than they asked for! ;-)

  2. Funny:) gotta love a good splash in a puddle now and then.


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