Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It Was a Good Day

 And a very pleasant day... complete with sunburns and bug bites. I slept in on this beautiful morning, until my bedroom became too hot to bear (my room is on the east side of the house, and on clear mornings like yesterday, it gets like a toaster in there, no joke). The night before, on the third, Hayley and I stood on the picnic table that occupies our deck, enjoying other peoples fireworks and listening to the noise echo up and down our little neck of the woods. It works out quite nicely, they pay the money and we get a bit of a panoramic show. Yes, works very nicely indeed. We just shan't tell them what we did. ;)

 This year, mother had fun doing some decorations, seeing what she could do with what she had, just being creative. You can do so much! It was really cute, and all around just "fun". As in, just give a little smile cause its cute. You just can't help but do that sometimes:

 After indulging in a lazy morning, we headed out and about to meet up with some friends and stake a place on the streets of downtown to see the local parade. Small town, BIG parade, and no joke, thousands of people. Its a good thing we were there and hour and a half early.
Here we are, passing time and looking at the very...ahem...interesting...people milling around us. People are fascinating to look at. I confess, I am an unabashed stare-er:
After some veterans, and flags, these guys led the long line of old cars, animals, more flags, candy, and a million different sounds and smells and sights:

 Montana parades must have tractors. And sheep. And so many horses we didn't even take a picture of them.

                                                         This was one of my favorites:
Montana or bust. I agree:
                                 This guy quizzed us on historical facts. I think we passed his test.
And then, we had a BBQ, played badminton, sang patriotic songs,(including "O Canada", just to be unpatriotic and fun.) We then headed over to a friends house to watch fire works and get eaten by the aforementioned bugs. They were nasty, but proved lively entertainment until it got dark. I got bit on my eyelid, so now its puffy and feels funny.We were slapping at each other for no apparent reason. That can be fun. *evil grin*
                              The only picture taken of the happy couple. The VERY happy couple.
                                                          Sparklers! No comment needed.
 Today, we cleaned up the house, caught up on sleep in the afternoon, and then packed up yesterday's leftovers and headed to the lake for dinner. It's only a five minute drive from our house, so we go there often. It was very relaxing, a great way to end the extended week end. And the water felt perfect. Sublime. Amazing. 

I hope you all had a blessed weekend, celebrating America, and remembering its history. We do it because of the people, years ago, who gave us our freedom, and fought...for us.
God bless!
In Christ,


  1. Well, thank you for emphasizing how happy we are! I hope that it was not to annoying. :) Delightful post Jillian! Love, Caitlin

  2. No, it was not too annoying. I just had too have SOMETHING to tease you about!

  3. That was not Hayley. That was me, but, Hayley forgot to sign out of her account.

  4. Just so everyone knows I was there, but I guess Jillian decided I wasn't worth including any pictures of.

  5. Good post and looked like fun.

    Come on over gilrs and lets gfet to know each other. We like some of the same things.


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