Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Is Art?

"What is Art? Authorities do not agree. Definitions differ. Who draws the line that separates Art from Design? Sculpture from Ornaments? Poetry form Jingles? Great Music from Poohs hums? Great literature from Daily News?

Is Art beauty or depth, or expression? Is art communication calling for response? Is art the talent for involving other human beings in what otherwise would remain locked in the mind? Is Art something that draws many into the beauty, joy, and vividness of another persons understanding? Is art something that includes others in the torn struggling of another persons suffering?

Whatever it is, surely art involves creativity and originality. Whatever form art takes, it gives outward expression to what otherwise would remain locked in the mind, unshared. On individual personality has definite or special talent for expressing in some medium, what other personalities can hear, see, smell, feel, tasted, understand, enjoy, be stimulated by, be involved in, find refreshment in, find satisfaction in, find fulfillment in, experience reality in, be agonized by, be pleased by enter into, but which they could not produce themselves."

Edith Schaeffer, The Hidden art of Homemaking
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