Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring, Lovely Spring!

Spring. The word makes you think of butterflies, flowers, green bushes and lovely, oozing mud. The mud is my favorite thing about spring. Getting your shoes stuck in the mud. Having someone pull you out and then be walking around in socks. But that's not all I like. Right now you are probably thinking who is writing this? Well if you just scroll down a bit you will see four pictures on the side. I am the one on the bottom. Yes, that's the one. The little ten year old. To tell the truth I am only writing this because I am bored. Spring is only 24 days away. My sister Jillian has spring fever. She is dying for spring. Well, back to me. Spring is almost here. I can tell because there is mud outside. I love making mud cakes. Getting mud all over my jeans. Going inside caked with mud. Life is just marvelous.


  1. I love mud too! More though in the summer when I can slather mud all over me on a hot day.

  2. Well Jillian, I don't love mud like I used to, but when I was 10 my siblings and I absolutely reveled in it. When we lived in CA, our property flooded, which meant we had immense puddles to play in each spring. It was a lot of fun! :)

  3. OoooH! I LOVE MUD!!! That squishy squashy feeling as you sink in to your elbows, or when you cover yourself in mud, let it dry, and then hose off with freezing water. Mmmm it feels so good.


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