Thursday, February 12, 2009

There's An Epidemic

As I have gone around on different peoples blogs I have found there is a fever going around at an alarming rate. I myself am not immune to this fever and have a mildly severe case. Common symptoms are:

  • Longings for color expressed by bright blog backgrounds, bedroom makeovers, and wishful spring clothing searching

  • Regular mentions of garden plans, green leaves, or flowers

  • Hiking and camping plans are in the works despite the snow and ice so obviously outside

  • Drooling over luscious pictures of gardens far away in magazines from last year

  • Occasional bouts of clean out and clear out urges, such as usually accompany warmer weather

These may be just a few, but some or all are present in my family. My garden plans are quite extravagant in this season where anything is possible, because you do not actually have to do the work. I do not usually get spring fever until March, but all the gray, foggy days are making warmer weather very appealing.

How bad would each of you rate your case?

  1. non-existent; clean bill of health, snow forever!

  2. mild; like the idea of warm weather, but still reveling in snowy sports

  3. mildly severe; ready to cast aside the winter layers for spring fashions

  4. severe; desperate to make it feel like spring inside if not out

  5. near death; ready to move to Florida for the remaining 36 days of winter!

So share with me your symptoms, remedies, and dreams for the coming spring. If you're anything like me, you don't really want a remedy!

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