Thursday, May 28, 2009

Water Bombs!

On Wednesday I asked my mom if we could get some water bombs. And we got some! Several times I got myself wet just trying to fill up the water bomb. Today, Thursday, Jillian and I had a small water bomb fight. It's so fun! You get soaking wet and it's just wonderful. I love summer, don't you? I like getting wet. I also got a big squirt gun. I am ready for anything. On Sunday I hope to have a huge water fight. It will be so fun. I am all for fun. I wish we had a swimming pool. That would be fun. Have a water fight in the pool. Yea!



  1. That is so fun!! Add some mud, and you will have pure heaven!

  2. Water is fun! if I'm not swiming in it to stay alive! cuase I can't swim very good so if I must swim to live; I don't like it. but fighting with water on hard grond, that's fun.

  3. for some reason, I'm having visions of the time I made my hamster swim the English Channel. (a.k.a. the bathtub)

  4. I can't wait until Summer so when I get wet it doesn't turn to ice!!



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