Friday, May 29, 2009


Here are some thoughts written by a girl at
It has been on mind for a long time, and she wrote these wonderful thoughts on her blog.
I will more careful with my words in the future.

One of his handmaids,


do we know how much power we have in them?
We can use them for good, evil, kindly, mockingly,
to degrade, to edify, to flatter, to accuse, to manipulate,
to build up, to defy, to swoon, to comply, to hurt, to burn,
to tear, or even to repair a wrong we have done.

How often I have used my words for evil rather than for good....
and I find that when I do use my words for good it
often occurs when I am thinking and praying
before I speak....prayers like....
Would this be edifying... would this be kind or Christ-like?"

Whether we are simply holding a conversation, asking questions
or confronting someone about a sin area in their lives
every word needs to be done with a Christ-like spirit of love, gentleness
kindness and firmness. Love is speaking the truth even
if others may hate you for it, it is being willing
to be spit upon, mocked and forsaken all for Christ's sake....
It is speaking the truth to a family member, friend or
acquaintance in kindness, gentleness,
self-control and firmness. (I Corinthians 13)

It is using our minds to think before we speak, to think about
God's Word so that it becomes apart of us..... so that
what we do and what we read in the Scriptures
becomes who we are.... by God's grace then and only then
will we be able to use gracious kind words.

"She opens her mouth with wisdom,
and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue."
-Proverbs 31:26


  1. that's an interesting thing, How the bible refers to wisdom as a women. girls must be smarter the boys, or something.

  2. So much of what we, no, scratch that- so much of what I say has no thought behind it whatsoever. Truly, every word we utter in the prescence of others is an exposure of our thought (or lack thereof) Thank you, Jillian for such an edifying post.

  3. I do agree with what you had to say.
    I think I've said my share of hurtful, mocking, prideful, comments to other brothers and sisters.
    The strongest force that man possesses, are WORDS.

  4. the good news is that the very force used to tear down can build up just as effectively . :-)

  5. At least there is a bright side to it, but then with Christ, you can say there's a bright side to everything. No offense meant Ridge (I'm being careful with my words) but I think girls might have a higher intelligence level than boys. Not a proffesional opinion though.

  6. JJ, just look at all the leaders God has placed in the Bible. There is nothing wrongs with men's intelligance. I think the problem is that they have been more attacked, and have been losing the battle, women being more semi-protected have been able to think things through. it really is individuals though, you can't classify either one into one group.


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