Monday, July 13, 2009

A Delightful Saturday

Saturday morning, at the table, our family was finishing up breakfast when my dad suddenly brought up the subject of the "Dickens Train." We all had no inkling it even existed, and as he explained what it was to us, we all said we thought it sounded neat and didn't even give it a second thought (at least I didn't, anyway :) Then later that morning, Caitlin googled it and looked into it. After a little consideration, we decided to go that afternoon. Now, for those of you who don't know, the Dickens a Christmas Carol Train tour is a train, of course, that is taking a 40-city tour of the United States. It is a sort of "teaser" you might say, for the upcoming animated 3-D movie of 'A Christmas Carol" By Charles Dickens. I was disappointed that it was animated, but the train was loads of fun! So, here are some photos from that wonderful afternoon:

The outside of one of the train cars.

The line was pretty long, but the wait was worth it.

This is a picture in the costume car of Scrooge(animated)
next to one of his "Costumes".

Sorry you can't see this one better, there was a whole car with TVs
that were showing stills of the movie. This is what they called Scrooge's magic sitting room.

Some Christmas carolers in full costume came and sang for the
people waiting in line. They did wonderful!

There were several artifacts borrowed from the library in London
of some of Charles Dickens actual writings. Here are some others:

This dress and Mr.Fezziwigs costume and picture were a couple other
items in the costume room. I just love Mr.Fezziwig and all that he does.
He's my favorite character!

Some of the Clay models and figurines. They were pretty neat!

A model of the suits the actors wore to catch all their movements
and turn them into animation characters.

In the last car, posing at the Christmas table.

After that, we headed over to Rebecca Farm for an outdoor concert by
the Glacier Symphony. They played a lot of movie themes, which is neat
because I really like sound tracks:

This is only about half of all the people that were there.

The concert violinist doing his solo.

Some of the cellos. I wish I could play cello.

The violinists. At least I know how to play that!

They played the Pirates of the Caribbean theme and the conductor put
on this hat and wig and did a little jig. I thought it was quite funny!

The pond that we sat near at sunset.

They had what they called an instrument "petting zoo" and let anybody who wanted to try out the different instruments they had set up. I got to try the cello, which was neat, but I did not get to try anything else out. Hope you enjoyed this lengthy post.



  1. That was lengthy, but that's a good thing because I liked seeing all those pictures!


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