Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fruits of Our Labor

Yesterday Jillian and I converted 12 or so lbs. of strawberries in 16 jars of strawberry jam. Thankfully it was not very hot yesterday and a cool breeze kept the kitchen a comfortable temperature. I really enjoy the whole process of canning. Through the winter we will be able to enjoy to the fruits of our labor. The pleasure of working in and with the Creation of God has a satisfaction that only can be shared by Christians.
It has been a wonderful crop so far this year and we know that everyone we have shared the strawberries with has enjoyed them. They keep getting sweeter!

From flowers on the bush...
... to sun-ripened fruit... glistening ruby jam!


  1. Oh, that is lovely! Canning is such messy, sticky, worthwhile fun.

  2. Sound fun, I've never done that kind of thing before!


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