Friday, March 11, 2011

Blairs Bug

(Not my photo)

For those of you who don't know, my Dads first name is Blair. And last Saturday, my plan ahead, consider carefully Father woke up with a little red truck in his garage, and went to bed with a shiny Volkswagen beetle in its place, along with a family who were still gawking at this seemingly whim-of-the-moment decision.  He had been thinking about trading his truck in for something that did not take up as much gas and insurance money, but he was just thinking about it... someday. Well, last Saturday being that "someday", he went to town to do errands with his family, took a couple cars for a test ride, and bought the beetle. Just like that.
Now everyone wants to ride in the beetle every chance they get. Its weird how much people smile and wave at you when your riding in stylish little beetle instead of a family van...I have to say its really fun! But its his work car, so we won't be riding it much. But it'll make it a more of a treat when we do.
My dads coworkers quickly named it "Blairs Bug".
How much more fun can you get than a Volkswagen Beetle?

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