Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Caitlin!

Today Caitlin turns 22! Just like last year, I will list 22 things I love about her.

I love you so much Caitlin!
I hope your birthday is wonderful as you celebrate with your husband and family. Enjoy your day!
(I had to post a picture)

She is: 
1 Humble
2 Loving 
3 God honoring 
4 quiet 
5 smart
6 pretty 
7 Lady like 
8 Friendly 
9 appreciative 
10 A good older sister 
11 patient 
12 Christ like
13 hard working 
14 unselfish 
15 smart 
16 intellectual 
17 a good cook 
18 Married!
19 sensible 
20 fashionable
21 well mannered
22 Going to have a baby! (Yes...I love that about her!)

In Christ,

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