Monday, October 5, 2009

In the Autumn

Our family loves the season of autumn. We love sweaters and jackets, hot tea, decor in magnificent colours. I enjoy harvesting and setting the garden into sleep mode after a busy summer, and taking long walks on hidden paths not frequented by the general public. For every season God bountifully supplies our needs and the changes remind us of His wonder.

Laurel, Jillian, and my father make special claim on fall as it is the settings for their birthdays. Laurel recently turned 18, celebrating with s'mores, a campfire, a friends. Jillian will have her golden birthday turning 15 on the 15th. She hopes to celebrate by getting her braces removed very soon. My father is after that and we will find some way to spend the time outdoors which is his favorite way to celebrate. When we were younger we would go camping. If he could we would do that again. More things to love about fall.

I have two beautiful sisters.

Laurel, please don't get mad at me, but this is a great pic of you.

Jillian, you are very elegant indeed.

He is one of the few men I know willing to put a costume on. It is his Martin Luther costume.

Our great joy, maiden Hayley.

I guess the outfit looks better than I perceived. The mirror is deceiving.

An autumn stream. A beautiful fall wish to you all.


  1. You all looked so nice at the costume party! It was a real joy to be there (even though cameras were present)!

  2. I love Autumn too, especially the changing colors, and the changing wardrobe. I really like the first picture of you three.

  3. Autumn is so beautiful! It seems like this year has just flown by.

    Thank you, Jillian, for visiting my blog! I am now following yours. I see you have three sisters! That's so cool because I have three sisters as well. :)

    I was wondering, do you wear skirts all the time? My mom, my sister's and I do. It's a new thing though, we just started it this year.

    ~Eldarwen Failariel~

  4. Oh Nora, pictures so terrible! We love you anyway. Caitlin


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