Monday, March 29, 2010

Bare feet, Greenery...

I don't like shoes. Don't take that wrong. I love shoes.
Your probably confused. I like the look of shoes, there
are several nice pairs out there. I just Love bare feet.
Something is so very enjoyable about walking in the
grass with bare feet. It feels just... delicious. Yesterday, I ran outside
for the first time in a long time barefoot. Mmph.
Can't wait till spring...
I want to walk in that field and enjoy dewy delightfulness.
And feel the sun in my face as it rises:
And enjoy the green-ness ;) in general:
I think I could read under (or in!) that tree for hours.
I love Gods creativity
I'll live there, thank you very much:

I think I might start drooling soon...
Have a blessed week remembering the Resurrection,
Christ dying on the cross, and the Sacrifice God
made for us.
What a wonderful gift of love!

In Christ,

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  1. I agree, girl! Barefootedness is the best! ;D *thumbs up!*

    Love & hugs,


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