Sunday, May 2, 2010

Banquet Pictures, Bowling...

The other night, we went to the home schooling high school banquet...which was 100% formal. Oh, we had oodles of fun! I do not have pictures of the actual banquet part because we did not bring the camera. Our friends did, though. Can't wait to see pics of that!
Before hand, a couple girls came over early to our house and we did hair and makeup together. It was very fun, just like everything else.
The lovely Megan:

Beautiful Laurel:

Pretty Hannah:

Sparkly Rachel:

And me:

Our shoes:

With Our Wonderful father:

By the way, I found the dress I'm wearing at the thrift store, for $3. 50! My gifted mother made the jacket to go over it. I had to share that bit of happiness with you. ;)
Megan's little brother found this wonderful creature. Can't remember what it's called
Of course I had to get a picture with it, formal gown and all.
I rather liked the idea:

And then after the dinner, which was fab-u-lous, we went bowling, which I have not done since I was five. So, as you probably guessed, I *cough*lost both games*cough.
There, I said it. I had SO MUCH FUN though!
You can't tell that's me, but it is, and its proof I actually bowled with 40 other dressed up, laughing, cheering, screaming teenagers(I did not take part in the cheering and other loudness). It was all lit up and glowy:

Laurel did not get to go bowling, as she is having wrist problems again. She said she enjoyed herself, though.
Megan, I'm pretty sure this is you, but it might not be:

Roman gave me permission to post this picture of him bowling backwards, which was one of the rules for a game of Funky bowling we played. He said to tell you that he was giving a demo on what to do in a plane crash. Whatever. I tried bowling backwards in a skirt. It was um.... pitiful, to use the right word.

For another of the funky bowling rules, you had to hold a team mates hand while bowling. Caitlin and Roman were given permission. Roman got a strike while he was holding Caitlin's hand. He told me it was all because of her. ;)

In Christ,


  1. You all look gorgeous! I can't wait to get dressed up for my homeschool formal!

    The bowling looks fun!

  2. *looks at last pic* Oh, how sweet! That's a bowling night he'll never forget. ;)

    Looks like so much fun, and I LOVE you and Laurel's hair!! Uh! I just can't get over it! I couldn't get my hair to curl like that even if I put three cans worth of hairspray in it! LOL =D


  3. Life could be a dream,
    If we could go to banquets every other night, *shaboom*
    And go bowling almost to midnight,
    Life could be a lovely dream.

    Love the picture with your slimy boyfriend the salamander:)

  4. JJ, there was more like 80 people all dressed up, just so you know.

  5. I Went to that the year I graduated... looks like everyone had fun! :) and ALL of you look beautiful! :) :)

  6. Okay, when I read that Roman and Caitlin got to hold hands I did the happy monkey dance. Well, not quite. But come on! That had to be a happy moment for them. :)

  7. You guys look so lovely!! :)


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