Friday, May 28, 2010

Quantum Physics? Sure. Wormhole Science? No problem. The Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle? Oh, that little theory? Forget it.

Yeah, well, I couldn't help myself. After watching a couple episodes of a sci-fi show, Stargate SG-1, curiosity finally overcame me (we're halfway through the second season) and I looked up some of the proposed theories.
And whoa, somebody studied up on their astro- physics before they wrote this show.
The theory has been studied, tested, people want to try it. A quick google search proves this.
By the time I got through three paragraphs (which was no easy task), I was flabbergasted.
I had to look up words like crazy, and it led me to quantum physics and the Heisenberg uncertainty theory:

 - \frac {\hbar ^2}{2m} \frac {d ^2 \psi}{dx^2} = E \psi.  \hat{p}_x = -i\hbar\frac{d}{dx}
 \psi(x) = C \sin kx + D \cos kx.\!

Which is when I gave up, head sore after five minutes of this fascinating stuff.

Isn't God's work amazing?

In Christ,

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