Thursday, May 27, 2010


Recently, I've been looking for what style I like as far as home decor, clothing, personality. Not just a general something or the other I sort of like. Something that's really "me". Thanks to Laurel, I think I about summed it up into three words:

Storybook. Woodsy. Leafy.

Maybe I could even throw fairy in there somewhere. So, here are some things that say "me"
all over them .,decoration,floor,interior,swirl,home,design-112b12c3e7f26084394b1c4828430397_h.jpg

This is my kind of top… perfect for spring. :) via bramblewoodfashion:  So sweet. Rosette Applique Top with Emma Bust Line -
I'm going to dress my kids close to this company's style. TEA

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  1. Except for the knife, we have the same taste! Those things say Eldarwen all over them, too! :D


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