Friday, May 7, 2010

Fashion Ideas

I do not shop for shopping's sake. I try to avoid it, and my sisters say I am not fun. Yesterday we went to town to take care of grocery shopping and Mother's Day shopping. While I enjoy going for a specific purpose, browsing is something that I do very quickly so I can get out. But when I get to go look for gifts or needs I have fun. So yesterday was more enjoyable than usual. I had all three of my sisters and we hit Target, TJMaxx, and Ross. Heads up ladies, there are some great long, spring, skirts this season. The prices are also reasonable. I am so glad to see these long feminine skirts, and some lovely blouse, flowery and simple. Nothing over bearing. My fashion inspiration these days comes from Saltwater, a British based company. Now I am determined to create this look for a much lower price. What fun to have a cute look without spending fortune!

I love a gray-blue palette. It suits a blue-eyed family.

Simple and sweet!

Relaxing skirt and cardigan. A cardigan is one of my favorite pieces in any outfit.

So there is my approach to feminine fashion. May it all be to the glory of God!
Show your style, be modest, and be considerate. God has created beauty and we can enjoy it. Praise the Lord for your unique beauty.


  1. I'd never heard of Salwater. FUN! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the Blouse!
    My mom said i would not have chosen any of the tops unless i saw them on myself! it is so true! I have to try it on to know for sure!

  3. I love them all! They are proof that you can be godly and modest and still look cute. Thanks for posting!


  4. Really cute Caitlin! I love cardigans too. :)

  5. So beautiful, Caitlin! Ooh la la! =D

    Hey Jillian, I awarded/tagged you! You can go here to check it out:



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