Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 26

A childhood memory: Let me see...well, I guess one would be:

We used to put on little play for our parents in the living room (This was in Cali) I mean, what kid doesn't do that? A favorite with us was Rapunzel. I was always Rapunzel up in the paper tower on the stairs, and Caitlin was always the wicked old witch. It was Caitlin that usually headed these plays up. I just remember I did not like standing up there, pretending to lean against the paper window. And my hair? Caitlin would do it in a braid and then tie all of our white stockings together until they trialed several feet on the floor, and then attached it to my braid. We have a video of at least one of these Rapunzel plays, but I think I'll just let you laugh at this for now!

In Christ,


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