Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wee Bit Of Me Wednesday


{one} how often do you do laundry?

Once a week...It just works out best that way. Well, I actually do it every three weeks.
The blessings of sharing sisters. :)

{two} what is your favorite type of cookie?

{three} what would you do with an extra $2000 per month?
Um...a lot.

{four} what was/is your favorite subject in school?
Writing. Hands down.

{five} have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?
No, and I don't think I ever will. It would be nice, though.

{six} what was your high school mascot?
Never had one...never will. Home schooled and proud of it!

{seven} if you had the chance to go into space, would you?

YES! I love outer space!

{eight} how often do you go dancing?

I've only done it once, with a friend of mine...she had loads of fun. I kept making mistakes.
I'm not much of a dancer, I'm afraid. Well, actually, I don't care.

{nine} would you rather drive or fly?
Fly. I've never flown before.

{ten} have you ever been caught re-gifting?
No, I've never re-gifted.

In Christ,

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