Friday, April 22, 2011

A Sunset and a Crib

It is so nice to be living above ground to see the sunset. I think the strangest transition in being married was moving from a birdhouse to a burrow. I think I now live in a happy medium, out of the basement and not on the second floor. It is wonderful to see things like rain, green grass, and lots of mountain bluebirds, among other birds. Binoculars will be great to get, after we get everything for the baby.

Roman has worked very hard on the crib for our baby. He has put together all the sides, and the next step will be to make the legs and bottom for the crib. It has been a couple weeks since I have seen it, otherwise I would have more pictures, but I'll get them soon enough. This beautiful crib will be a wonderful heirloom piece for our family. We hope it will be able to hold lots of babies. We thank the Lord for all that He is giving to us as we prepare to raise the child He will entrust us with. What a marvelous thing it is!

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