Tuesday, May 3, 2011

*Bangs Head Against Desk*


I am terrible at this. Excuse the mess our blog is in...I'm trying, but I'm not very computer savvy. I think I need some help...
anyone know how to arrange blogs better than I do?
 It's supposed to be really easy. That's not true...for me anyway. Does anybody else end up scratching their head in confusion after 40 minutes of unsuccessful attempts at making an eye-fetching blog...or am I just being a little blond about this? Oh well. I guess my talent lies in other areas.
( Actually, I'm not sure where it lies, but not at the computer...that's for sure.)
On a side note: life is happy, and very new. Remember this post, where I mentioned that we were searching for something new? Well, I think we found it. Life is now clipping along at a pretty good pace...we are now involved in singing at a nursing home every other week,(the people there love it), planning some new strategies to tackle our garden with,(yes, it is a battle!), doing some other music things...although it may not seem like much, it has proved quite enough to occupy our thoughts when we are busy getting things done at home. Actually, I think the biggest thing is that we are getting to know new people at a new church, one we have been attending since late January of this year. Now that is new! 
But it's been really good...after Laurel's seizure episodes, our old church closing...we were ready for a change. And for us, a new church is a big change. We are making new friends and sitting under new teaching. It's rather odd, not being connected with our old friends as much as we thought we would, and then connecting so closely with new, like minded people. (That's no joke: these few people are great, and so much like us!)

And then, there's baby Mallery...I can't want to be an aunt! I find my self just absentmindedly sitting there smiling to myself, anticipating the joy of tiny little feet and little smiles like pretty rays of sunshine. (And dirty diapers and crying, too. Those are fun! ;), and thinking...This little person is related to me! Happiness.
Caitlin should put a new picture up of her and baby. And maybe the trench coat story. (if you couldn't get that nonchalant hint, I'll just have to post for you!)
Looking back on this post, I realize it's full of exclamation points and side remarks...I'm so much more energetic in my writing than when I actually talk. I like writing...I hope that's where my talent lies. Speaking of which, I had better go do school and such, and work towards being a...

Graduate of 2012! There is a light at the end of my wonderful educational tunnel!
In Christ,


  1. I am horrible at that sort of thing, too, Jillian! Blog desgining: NOT MY THING! lol ;)

    I'm so glad y'all have found a new Church and are making friends! What a blessing! :)

    Eep! I'm so happy for you, your family, and Caitlin & Roman!! Babies are always fun! (And yes, gotta love that diaper changing lol *wink*)

    I can't wait to graduate next year! *sigh* It seems so far away, and I have so much work to do between now and then, but you're right: there is a light at the end of my educational tunnel (haha notice I left out the wonderful lol:).


  2. Jillian-
    I am glad to hear that you & your family are doing so well at Faith Covenant. I feel exactly the same way that you are describing. For several months, I was just so sad, but, as with the with the promise of Springtime, a new life is sweet, and old memories are cherished.

  3. I am fairly good at blog layouts and simple blog design. Let me know if you want any help with your blog, and I'll see what I can do! (Laurel has my e-mail address!)

    Oh, I am so glad you and your family found a new church, Jillian! And I'm happy to hear that all is well, especially that Laurel is doing better after those horrible seizures!

    Blessings to you all!

  4. thank you so much! I'd love some help!

  5. Just shoot me an e-mail Jillian and I'll see how I can help you, dear! =D


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