Thursday, May 19, 2011

Enjoying Life

How come we find the little details of everyone's lives so intriguing? Maybe it is because we find it interesting to see how others live and compare it to our own ways. Hopefully we can find things useful and encouraging. Never should we look down on others for how they schedule things, the music they listen to, or how they decorate. So how can we show interest in others without tearing them down? I think it just comes from being interested in them for who they are. We should not expect anyone to live like us, and should certainly be glad for whatever glimpse of their lives they choose to give us. All that being said, here is a little glimpse in the life of Roman and Caitlin Mallery.

Easter Sunday and all dressed up!

Progress on the baby's crib. Soon we shall have this beautiful piece of furniture in our home.

I stop here just for the parking space, though I also found the diaper bag I will be using soon. I have been collecting many of my essentials through garage sales, and what a blessing that has been. We found a carseat for $10!

During a game of hide-and-seek with Titus and Adeline, the children of Roman's sister, Roman made this charming discovery.

We took a trip to visit Roman's sister Rayia and her family last weekend. We enjoyed a delightful county picnic, playing with the kids, and in general had a relaxing visit. Thank you so much Rayia and Jonathon!

Now we have been happily married for eight months, and the only thing we "argue" about is driving. We both like to drive, a lot. Well, it keeps us paying attention. Roman is very difficult to argue with because he is so sweet about everything. And he has learned how to give a wonderful massage!
For anyone who read and enjoyed this little part of our lives, thank you. For those who share about theirs, thank you for sharing the delightful pieces of your lives. The Lord has given us all so many things to enjoy in our lives. May the Lord help us to enjoy all the gifts He gives us!


  1. Caitlin, what a fun post! I love getting a glimpse at the lives of those I love (especially since we live so far away),it is truly delightful!
    We enjoyed having you here so much. We love you both so dearly!

  2. I think the massages are one of my favorite benefits of marriage. Not to be shallow, but when you're pregnant, that gets really important. :-)


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