Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Girl of Sunshine

" Some girls are made of sugar and spice. Others are made of something entirely different. When you thought of this young lady, you thought of sunshine. She wasn't  dark and dramatic, with thick black eyelashes and instant mood swings. She wasn't one to squeal and scream and act like an all around flirt with nothing better to do than look pretty.  Neither was she rude and rough. No, she was warm. A ordinary face and ordinary sandy blond hair, that was all.Ordinary brown eyes. Nothing special. But she smiled. And she was happy in her heart. Her smile was true because her heart was happy.  And she radiated in that beauty. Honey colored sunshine just poured from her gentle fingers, from her sturdy face, from the way she tilted her head. She loved because God showed her a greater love.

She smiled almost uncontrollably with joy because she knew how to be happy, really happy.

Just content to tilt her head and smile at life because with God, there is an overstock of things to smile at. She had found it. The thing the made so many people curiously attracted to her. A heart that knew not yet the scars and heartbreaks of older life, but had tasted and seen it, for she was past childhood's happy thoughtless days. She thought and she loved and she let her heart dance with Jesus, lost in His love, wondering every day at its marvels. She cried and she prayed and she was happy again in the morning.
"God loves me" She would whisper elatedly, her faced etched with awe, her crooked smile barely contained
" God loves me."
This is the beauty of a young lady who's righteousness is growing like the coming dawn, slowly, but surely, and beautifully."
-Jillian Carstensen,

In Christ,

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